Windows 7 Touch Screen interface


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I thought I would give windows 7 a go about a week ago on my Home system and loved it so much I've decided to install on my "carpc" that's fitted in my Toyota Hilux :)

The install seemed to go well just like it did on my Home system, with even the touch screen being found, only problem I could not get it to Calibrate very precise.
One thing I noticed right away was Windows 7 seems to have a built in Touch Screen interface that only shows the options to when it knows a Touch screen is present, for example you can scroll about in word docs, or internet explorer just by placing your finger anywhere on the screen rather than the little bar on the right you normally have to use which can be hard on a 7" touch screen. There is a better on screen keyboard that pops out when needed if using the touch screen, also the cursor changes to a small dot rather than a mouse cursor, but changes back as soon as you move the mouse. I'm sure there are other features I not had chance to find yet.

My only problem now is due to me not being able to calibrate the screen as good as normal I decided to install the Software/drivers from the screen manufacture, I used the Vista version which worked well, and now the screen is calibrated perfectly.
The problem is now windows 7 has taken away all the touch screen options in the control panel, plus all the above features I said no longer happen :(

Any idea how I can get them back while still maintaining my manufactures driver/software?


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