Windows 8 Touch screen and digitizers


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Dec 21, 2012
I am running Windows 8 pro on an older tablet and I mainly use a
digitizer pen (it does not recognize fingers).

I am very surprised by the lack of features using a pen versus using a mouse
as I do on my Windows 8 non-touch screen laptop.

I also don't typically use a keyboard with my tablet but again, I am finding I
need to attach a keyboard just to do basic functions.

If I want to get into the Windows+X screen from the Metro screen, there does not
seem to be any way to do that with the digitizer. I have to connect a keyboard.
Also, if I want to do simple tasks like bring up services.msc or msconfig, I have to
go through long strides to do that without a mouse or keyboard.

The Charms menu should provide more access to these things. I should be able to tap, tap, and tap and be into a menu I need to be.

I thought Windows 8 was geared for touchscreens?

I have shortcuts on my desktop in windows 8 on the taskbar to the things I need
to bring up but I had to take time to create those items.

Anyone have a suggestion for bringing up the Windows+X menu on the Metro screen
without a keyboard and mouse and just a pen?

Case in point. I just wanted to bring up regedit in Windows 8. Using my digitizer. I went into the Charms bar and went to search and chose settings and typed in regedit and it said No Match. I don't know how to bring up the old RUN box with the digitizer. So, I had to use Everythign search for "regedit" and I found the EXE for it and I had to run it from there. Why would the search box for settings not bring it up? I guess I could have used the search box for files. But, it should not have to be this hard. In Windows 7 click on Start and type in regedit and press Enter. It should at least be that easy in Windows 8.

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