Touchpad. One finger scrolling

Andrew Shostak

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I am trying to find the app for Windows 10 which will allow me to use my touchpad for one-finger scrolling when I pressed some keys.

Example: I pressed RightALT -> can scroll with one finger instead of two-finger

I easily find Analog for macOS: Scroll

I have an I2C Hid touchpad and can't enable one-finger scrolling just in Windows 10 settings (Not sure)

Thanks for any suggestions!


Hello. Did you manage to solve the problem? I'm disabled and I also really need one-finger scrolling.

Andrew Shostak

Active Member
Hey, unfortunately, no. I now use Mac and a Scroll app. When I was looking for analogs of this app for Windows, I haven't found any :(
But it was in 2021, maybe there are some now...
Good luck!