laptop mouse pad will not scroll one finger since windows 10


Since installing windows 10 on my packard bell laptop, the mouse pad will no longer scroll with just one finger, im forced to use 2 finger scroll. How can I go back to 1 finger? It seems unfair for this to be forced on you.


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Welcome to the Micosoft (one size fits all) world... I expect more drivers are on someones 'to do' list but it's not a bug.


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After I did a refresh of Windows 10 from USB I too forum my touch pad was not working as I liked. I was able to set it up with the functions I wanted by doing the following;

SETUP> devices> Mouse & touchpad> Additional mouse options> here I found the ever familiar Mouse Properties and the tab with my touch pad settings. In the devices my touchpad is highlighted then click the settings button.

But after returning here to find the path I see my last settings have been reset again and my one finger scrolling was turned off again?