TouchPal not offering English in the menu

Hi all! I'm new to Windows 8.1 and really like it. After a week of use I am getting used to the OS.

I am however having trouble getting TouchPal to work properly. I've got it installed but English does not show up in the choices, only the default Windows English keyboard. The other TouchPal languages I installed are there, but not TouchPal English. I've uninstalled TouchPal, reinstalled etc., but no luck. What am I doing wrong?


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What English language are you referring to....US English or UK English? Looking at the site for TouchPal, I can't find any specs on it, just the download. Unless your device has touch screen capabilities I don't think this software will work. Natively, windows 8/8.1 has a useful touch keyboard for touch screen devices. If you're on about the swipe thing like smart phones have, I don't see any reason for using this software.


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I believe the OP meant this Touchpal keyboard ( screenshot below ), instead of the default Windows keyboard.

Image 3.png

To dcheck,
I have Touchpal X keyboard installed in my android tablet.
The screenshot above is how the keyboard looks like.
I do not know why you cannot get it. Unless, like bassfisher6522 said, you need a touch screen computer.


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@dcheck ,

Go to the default Windows keyboard, can you find the faintly visible keyboard icon at the bottom ?
See my screenshot circled in red.
If yes, click it and see if it gives you option to TouchPal X keyboard.

Image 5.png


Thanks for the replies. I received a response from TouchPal tech support today that solved the problem and it is working fine now! They had me uninstall all the languages I had installed, reboot and reinstall TouchPal. Now it works fine. Evidently TouchPal languages hang around after you uninstall TouchPal. Handy app I might say. And for the life of me I can't understand the poo pooers of Windows 8.1. This is a neat OS. I came from years of Windows XP and learned Win 8 in no time. And the touch screen is real useful. My wife has Windows 7 and after using my PC for a while said "I want a touch screen too!" Thanks again.

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