Windows 8 Transfer files and pictures


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Hi there, I have to questions please:

1) I would like to check my old desktop and eventually transfer files and photos to working one. I am not very good with computers so please try to use oridinary words :)
2) How can I delete everything from old o desktop and one old laptop as I want to throw both away?

Thank you so much


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Provided the old computers turn on, power the comptuer(s) up and plug in a usb hard drive or flash drive. Then select and drag, or copy and paste the files to the drive. Then plug into the other computer and repeat the process.

For data destruction there are free software programs you can run to wipe the data out, but the best way and less technical way would be to remove the hard drive and smash it with a chisel, hammer or use a drive to put holes in it.

Also you can't throw electronics away, you will need to recycle them. Do a web search for your area. Also some places can either wipe the data for you or destroy the disk for a small fee.


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Thank you so much :) but a question: that means that I have to connect old PC to monitor etc do that transfer to flash drive and then disconnevt and connect working one. Is there a way to have both of them connected in the same time to monitor just for a short time?