Tri booting problems with xp


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I am running on a mac book pro with boot camp for my xp. So I wanted to beta test for windows 7 and so I took out more space for windows 7 on the mac partition to make home for w7. The install for the os went fine and automaticly made a dual boot screen after I select windows in bootcamp. The problem is that xp is now blue screening and I cannot get into safe mode. Since it's a mac, I cannot push f8 to see the blue screen error... I am currently running a chkdsk /r to verify my drives health and I will reply below with the result. I also wanted to check the drives health on my mac to see of I can access the data, but it cannot be mounted. Any ideas for help on this issue?? I need my xp back up asap.


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I have had similar issues in the past when I tried to triple boot Ubuntu, Vista, and OSX. Do you need to get data off your XP partition, or do you need to use XP for a particular program? If you don't need the data, you could try reinstalling XP over the same partition. Otherwise I'm not sure how you can get the data. Are you able to read the data from the XP partition inside of Windows 7?


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I am currently Quad booting Windows VISTA, XP, 7 Beta 6956, and 7 Beta Build 7000. I had no problems getting the pc to work correctly. In what order did you install your OS's? Have you tried using the windows 7 start-up repair function?