Trouble reinstalling windows 7 and Windows Vista Help!

About 2 months ago, I purchased the Academic Upgrade of Windows 7 professional. I upgraded my computer from Windows Vista to Windows 7 by purchasing the update from Microsoft's webpage and downloaded the update. I did not choose the option to purchase windows on a CD.
Things were going great until just a few days ago, after using Skype. My computer started to run extremely slow. It would have trouble opening up internet explorer and running basic programs. The computer would just sit with an hour glass and eventually the programs go blank and read Not Responding. I decided to save all important documents and re-load windows 7.
I went to the System restore option, and there are no saved system dates, so using the system restore option will not work.
I went to my email to find the original email from microsoft so I could reload the update - so I can start fresh with a new installation of windows 7.

I went to both of these links (provided by microsoft) :
When going through the downloader and installer of windows 7 - I eventually get a message that reads "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error".

Next, I decided to just start fresh with Windows Vista and put in my original restoration cd that came with my computer and allowed it to load. After loading, about half way through, I received a message that there was an error and it would not allow me to reload the original windows Vista.
I am currently running my computer in Safe mode to use the computer, as It will not work correctly in regular mode. I would really like to start fresh with a new copy of Windows 7, but cant figure out how to get it to run.
Is there anything wrong with what I am doing? Why wont my original disk work? Is there anything I need to do so that I will not receive an I/O error Message? Is there anything I can do to safe my computer?
Any advise on Re-loading my old version. Possibly formatting computer and starting fresh or getting Windows 7 to reinstall would really help.

Thank you very much. Patrick Wolfe


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Do you have any reason to suspect the problems with the computer are mechanical?

Do you have one of the files you mention you got from Microsoft. The iso one is supposed to be burned as a DVD if you have it.

How much room is on your hard drive?

To get back to Vista, you may need to format the drive, and start clean, as you suggest. I assume you can do that with the old version without worrying about activating... It is always best, if at all possible, to do a custom install of Win 7 to keep any old drivers from hanging around. If you burn and use the ISO you can do that, but the other one has to be run from within an OS.


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Couple of suggestions.

1) MS later made readymade images available for the upgrade, you can download those.

Microsoft responds to Windows 7 student upgrade SNAFU with direct ISO download

2) In case theres any issue with the optical drive, you can also dump the contents of the install disk to a usb flash drive and install from that. Should you need help in this, please ask.

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