Trouble with dual monitors


I am having trouble getting my dual monitors to work. I am currently using a laptop, ASUS G73, with a ATI Radeon 5870 graphics card. My laptop recognizes the monitor (DELL E173FP), but nothing has appeared on the monitor. I've tried moving things onto the monitor, adjusting screen resolution, etc. When I press one of the monitor's buttons it states that it is in "power save mode".

Any help would be appreciated, I'm rather novice when it comes to computers.

Right click the desktop and choose Screen Resolution. Then next to Multiple Displays, set it to Extend These Displays. Set the Orientation to Landscape.

You can drag and drop the monitors into the physical position you wish them to be.

Nothing appears on the Dell monitor, it still remains blank. for some reason it is recognizing the monitor on my laptop, but it is not outputing the picture or the monitor is not receiving the picture.

Make sure the refresh rate is set to 60 Hz for the external monitor. Click advanced settings on the same screen as above to get to it. Then monitor tab.

It was set at 60 Hz by default.. no luck.

Install the latest VGA driver for your model from ASUS' site.



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Check you laptop's documentation. Often, actually most of the time you need to use a key combination in order to force the display onto the auxillary monitor. Hold the function key (Fn) and look on the top row of you laptops keyboard for an icon on one of the keys that looks like a box inside of a box. While holding the Fn key tap the key once and see if the monitor displays anything, two taps will usually light up both and a third tap will bring it back to just the laptop. Your's may be slightly different but the user manual should explain how to get this done.

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