Trying to connect a Xbox One controller? (Unknown USB Device Code 43)

Hello, everybody.
Recently I have been trying to get my Xbox One, but no matter what I try, it just will NOT work!
The problem is, it worked just fine, but starting a couple of days ago, every time I connect it, it tells me that the device malfunctioned.

So, I thought it could be a driver problem, so I re-installed the Xbox One Wireless Controller x64 driver and rebooted my computer. Didn't work.
Then I thought, maybe it didn't install correctly, and Windows didn't assign the right driver to the device, to I tried manually assigning the driver, but no, it tells me that "Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date" How is "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" the best driver?
Anyway, My controller is completely functional, I can play Xbox One games just fine. But right when I connect it to my PC, it stops the controller from even powering on, almost as if it's refusing to read it. Any advice, guys? I'd really appreciate it.


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Is this a Microsoft i.e. from Microsoft... controller or one of the 3rd party knock-off's?

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