Trying to make Macrium Reflect Rescue Media


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In preparation to install w10 when it comes out I created Image of my system.

Rufus does not recognise the PE 5 ISO made with Macrium Reflect Rescue Media utility although it says reads Win PE & Linux iso.

Below is a shot of the process showing top the ISO "Rescue_REFLEX........" , then in blue is the wizard & the Rufus error note.

Anybody knows where I went wrong? ...........thanx ...........nick



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If you're creating the bootable rescue media and you're (for some reason unable to do this from within the software itself) perhaps give ImgBurn a try at the ISO and see if it does any better job.

Personally I've never used the WinPE rescue media in my Acronis Software but instead always relied on the Linux version. It seems to always work reliably, quick and simple.


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I gave that up now & created a System Image Backup using w8.1's File History hoping this will work, though I do not know how to use that to restore my system when needed.


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though I do not know how to use that to restore my system when needed.
I believe you boot from the installation media and follow the steps outlined here Restore your computer from a system image backup - Windows Help
However, a lot of folks have complained about the reliability of the Windows System Image Recovery, so I wish you good luck with that.

You might want to try something like Acronis True Image. I've found that very reliable and I believe they have a fully functional free trial although the time limit for which you can use it has been cropped from 30 days to something less I believe.
It's relatively simple to use.
Install it, run it, Disk and Partition Backup, switch to "Disk Mode", select your disk, select your destination (where you want to keep your .tib file), external USB drive, and click proceed.
Make sure to create the bootable rescue media from within the program.
If you need to recover, just boot from the CD.
If you managed to work through the Windows version you surely can manage Acronis.


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Could not find a free Acronis & IgBurn could not recognise the iso.

I had another stab at the same backup Image ( Win 8.1 Macr.Reflect IMAGE 25.7.15) & created the files shown in Refl. ISO.jpg.

Also in Reflect created a Rescue Media MACRIUM REF(I) USB stick shown in Refl. ISO 2.jpg.

I tried to boot my spare 500gb with the USB stick (first boot disk in BIOS) but failed to update to w8.1.

What could I have done wrong again this time?


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