Unable to boot back to Windows

I was trying to setup a dual boot with Windows 10 and Remix OS. I created a hard drive partition and used it to install Remix OS with EasyBCD. When I rebooted my system, I did not get the dual boot menu, and was taken to Windows 10 normally.

I went to advanced system settings in Windows and changed the default operating system to Remix OS. Now that I'm done with Remix, I want to get back to Windows, but I don't know how. When I switch on my system it jumps straight into Remix OS. I've tried messing around with the BIOS settings, but had no luck. Please help me.



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This should be easy to fix. You will need either some kind of Windows Install media or a bootable Windows Recovery Disc/USB. The recovery disc/usb can be created on any Windows box.

Boot into the recovery disc / or install media and select Troubleshoot

Next click on Advanced Options

Now Command Prompt

Select your user

Enter your password and click continue

Now type diskpart (1), then list disk (2) here you will need to ID which is your Windows disk, I have multiple disks in this example. Then type select disk # (3). Next list the partitions with list part (4). Your BCD store should be on the small 300MB to 500MB (5)

Now you need to select that partition with select part # (6). Now assign it a letter, I picked s, assign letter=s (7), list vol shows us the partitions and we can verify S is the system reserved or EPS in a UEFI setup (8). Now type exit

Now type bcdedit /store s:\boot\bcd /enum (9) you can see under Windows Boot Manager that {default} is our default boot entry and that it is pointing to the EasyBCD Linux entry

Now we want to set the Windows Boot Loader as the default you will need to change the identifier to match your entry

Now listing the store again we see that Windows Boot Loader is the default

Reboot and you're done.

I have no partition on this disk, I only show one disk.

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