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Hello, I am in dire neex of help. I am using an hp pavilion g7 notebook with win 8.1. About a week ago I downloaded 3 windows updates. I restarted as required, but all I got was a blue screen that says: YOUR PC RAN INTO A PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO RESTART. next screen: PREPARING AUTOMATIC REPAIR, DIAGNOSING YOUR PC, YOUR PC DID NOT START CORRECTLY. From there I went to Advanced Options and selected TROUBLESHOOT, then on to REFRESH YOUR PC. That took me to a page with a name that I apparently used at one time, utI do not know the password. That is as far as I can go. When I restart, the whole story starts all over again. I was able to get into the startup menu by pressing the escape key. I ran a test of tbe HD a it came back PASSED. Any suggestionsout there, other than taking a hammer to the pc. I have lost communication with my pc so I am sending from my tablet. Appreciate any help


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Try booting into safe mode and if that gets you in run a system restore to somewhere before the updates. Also, if you haven't already done so deselect automatic updates from windows updates in control panel. The slect updates manually and try to install one by one to help identify the cause of the problem.

Appreciate your reply, but the system will not allow me to do any of those things. I have already tried all that without success. I guess my only alternative is to seeicI can make a restore disk on my neighbor's computer. Can I get this disk from Microsft?


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If the problem did actually happen because of an update, it may have been a device driver. Doing as Pat suggests would be the best way to remove that driver.

If you can still get into the recovery options, you should still have the option in the Advanced options to restart and boot into safe mode. The password for it is the same as Windows.

If you can't do that, try booting into base video. If you can't get anywhere, shutdown the system, give it some time and reboot. If you can remove the power, that might help.

If you eventually get to a place where is says restore or cancel, try cancelling.


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If you can't get the computer to boot at all, and if you computer still has a recovery partition you should be able to restore it to factory settings.

Check the manufacturers website to see how you access it.

If you have stuff you don't want to lose on it, you can try creating a Ubuntu disk on another computer and using it to boot your computer.

Once booted into Ubuntu you will be able to backup the data that you want to keep, i.e. favorites, photos, address books, music, etc. before doing the reset.


My Ubuntu DVD has booted pretty much anything I've tried to boot with it.


Here's what I found...

● Turn on or restart the computer, and then press esc while the “Press the ESC key for Startup
” message is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Then, press f11 while the “F11
(System Recovery)
” message is displayed on the screen.

2. Click System Recovery in the Recovery Manager window.

3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Thnks for all your nelp. My only alterntive was to resgore to factory settings. Everything is gone, but at least I got my computer back. I have an offsite backup service which will replace most of tne files. Thanks again

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