Unable to connect to my Wi-Fi after 10 minutes

Najwan Panachri

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Hello everyone.

I've got a problem on my Windows 7 computer.

When I tried to connect to my Wi-Fi hotspot at my home, the connection was successful, and the Internet worked well as usual. But, after 10 minutes, my computer network connection became disconnected and I couldn't connect it again to my Wi-Fi hotspot. I've tried restarting my computer and even checking my Wi-Fi hotspot. But the problem still remains.

I was wondering if there's the way to solve this problem.

Thank you.


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Along with neem's suggestion, you might try taking your computer to a Starbucks or a public access hotspot location such as a public library or University library. Of course if your computer is a laptop or a tablet this is much easier than if you are lugging around a desktop PC tower. If it fails on other hotspots outside your home, your computer could have a scrambled Wi-Fi driver, failing WLAN card/chip/usb adapter, or even a bad Hard Drive. Hardware testing would then be needed to narrow down and fix your issue.



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first, if your devices on networking then remove all networking on your pc or mobile
then open cmd then write down ping
if reply come from some IP address then if it is not shown everything then check your wifi connection