unable to update windows 10


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Hi I have made several scans to repair, but the problem persists. In addition, 1500 error messages will appear when I try to install polar websync.

1)YOU have updatings. 2)Some updates could not be updated because there are other updates in progress. How fix error 1500 ? thank you



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As the error states something else is installing and you'll need to wait until it completes before you can install something else.


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THANKS for the answer This download mode was left unattended without any other downloading and nothing appeared on the downloaded updates! I remembered that :
Disable Quick Start / Power On / Sleep Mode / Advanced Settings / Select Power Button Functions / Quick Start Erase Box.
This repair is only done and the user announced that the device is now working. WIN 10/1803 / 64bit /The failure was due to a so-called unfinished upgrade / In addition, have login / privacy / finalize device configuration and apps automatically after update or reboot using my login information to be On . Thread is now SOLVED Best regards Rapaaja
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