Unable to Upgrade

The reason, I am pretty sure, is because I accidentally bought an illegitimate windows 7, but this says I am still supposed to be allowed to upgrade to windows 10 even if I have an illegitimate windows. I could really use some help here. Just search this exactly on google and click the 3rd link that shows up, "how to download windows 10 with cracked windows" it should be from windows central. I really need help because I use my computer for gaming and having Windows 10 would be very helpful. :scratch:


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Windows 7 is still supported until 2020. I believe Microsoft has flip flopped on the free for any Windows 7/8. You could always pay the $119 for a copy of Windows. License keys go on sale tomorrow 7/30/2015.

Sooooo, they lied?


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You should be able to upgrade from any 7 or 8.1 with a legitimate key.

I know, but I wanted to know if they lied or not, and it seems they did.

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