Unkown Local Disk Question Mark


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I'm scared and confused after I see this mysterious local disk appear in My Computer.

Opening it gives this error:

How do I kill it? What do I do?


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Could be left over from some disk emulation software.
Some specs on your machine might be helpful (Manufacturer, Model Name, Model Number, etc.,)
As well as a snapshot of your disk management applet.


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Generally that only means that you have a station / disk called E, and there's nothing in it. Like a DVD station, with no disc. I have two of them, but right clicking gives "Insert a disc". So it's clearly something connected to E.

Agree with Trouble, it could be a residue of an emulation, or even a physical disk [you have removed].

If you have used something like MagicISO or other programs, using virtual discs, you may have a leftover. Plain reason says, check what you have lately installed / uninstalled, get rid of everything. Or at least, get familiar with it. Nothing lethal, necessarily.

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