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Hello guys, im new here, and trying to get used with the forum :)
So, what's my PC's problem ? I just format my HDD, installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64, like my previous OS. After everything was ok, i said "oh, let's get updating!" - so i start Windows Update and start installing everything was in my front (except language packs). So, what's bad ? When i click Shut Down, normally, appears the text "Installing updates 1%... Please do not turn off your computer.". Everything's ok 'til the level reaches 15%. When it became 15%, after 2 or 3 seconds, my PC freezes. I must shut-down / restart it manually, from the power button / restart button. When i start the PC, at the welcome screen, appears "Configuring the updates, 1%. Please do not turn off the computer." - The same thing happens now. When the level reaches 15%, my PC freezes. I must restart PC, enter Safe Mode, when the welcome screen tells me that installing / configuring updates failed, and rolling back. Ok, just entering safe mode for this. Now, restarting PC, starting normally, and the welcome screen is normally too. But, then i realise that updates are NOT installed / configured. Before reinstalling the Windows, everything worked perfectly. But now, something's broken. Please, help me resolve this. Does it need to reinstall windows again ?

Thanks, pr00f.

Hi, welcome.

Leave it sit and walk away. Return later on and it should be done.


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Umm, i tried that, but i left only for about 10-15 minutes. No results. I'll try that but, i must say that even the little aero-circle of loading is freezing. Is a total freeze. It does not responding. But i will try leaving it more, to do his 'work'. Can it be because of the large amount of data coming suddenly ?

Let me have a look at your machine for things you should do before you try again. Basically, I will show you how to optimize your pc. It will run better and also should fix this little problem you're having.

Type msinfo32 in the start menu then press enter. File | save on the opened screen. Zip the saved file then attach the zip to a post.

Before doing that, check for files in this folder: C:\Windows\Minidump

If there are any files in there, forget the above. Instead, copy these files to another folder then zip them. Instead, attach this zip to a post.


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Here you go. The PC's nfo file.


About that Minidump folder in C:\Windows - it is empty. Nothing there.



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Bump ! Problem solved. How ? Dunno, just downloading & installing a few more updates, then restarting PC. When it reached 15%, my heart freezed this time. But, it got 17%, 18%, and finally restarted normally, with no more problems. You can close the thread if you want :D

Thanks, pr00f.

1) Realtek lan driver is very old from March 2, 2009. Update it from here:


2) Update your chipset software:


3) Update your Microsoft mouse and also keyboard drivers:

Software Download

4) If the issue persists, uninstall TuneUpUtilities and check for an update for ESET and install if there is.

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