update issue?


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I have it set to install updates automatically. Everyday 3a, and give me recommended updates the same way.

I have been watching it and just about everyday there were new updates listed and the next day when I booted up, the listed updates were no longer listed. I figured that they get installed. Then later that day or the next day morewere listed. Then the next day those newly listed were not on the list. All appeared well.

Then about a week ago, I saw it listed 1 important and 5 optional updates. Since then those same 1 and 5 updates arelisted, and no new ones are being added. So, Im thinking that its stuck. That these 6 updates never got installed and Im not getting any new updates.

'Most recent check for updates' still changes every day and right now it says 'today at 7:16am'

'Updates were installed' lists 3/18/2015 at 2:43am

What should i do?


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