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    I'm currently trying to update from Win 10 version 10249 to version 1151 and using the media creation tool since the update has not yet appeared in Windows Update.

    I updated a few other computers to the original version of Win 10 some time ago. When those ISOs were downloaded using the media creation too, I had a choice to download either Win 10 Home or Win 10 Pro. Now I don't see an option to select Win 10 Pro - Just Win 10.

    I assume that the ISO will update to either Home or Pro based on what is already installed. However, I don't want to go through the upgrade process only to find that I have been reverted to the Home version.

    Can anyone confirm that the current ISO will update to Win 10 Pro version 1151 if Win 10 pro is already installed?

    Edit: Just found from another source that the one ISO file will indeed update to either the Home or Pro version depending on what is already installed.
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    Apologies your post was never answered but glad you found the information regardless.. :) Hope all goes well with your upgrade.

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