Upgrade to Windows 10 on damaged HDD


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Hi everyone,
I plan upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. But, there is one small problem.
Nearly three years ago I noticed my computer does not launch Windows. It showed an error with "Your computer was unable to start". Okay, after few minutes of startup repair my computer finally made it into Windows. I launched CrystalDisk and noticed it is showing one unstable and one damaged sector.
I thought that the numbers of damaged sectors will increase. But it did not happen. I still have just one damaged and one unstable sector....
But, can I safely upgrade (I dont think about clean install) to Windows 10? What if the upgrade process of Windows 10 will fail or something else, just because my HDD has two unusable sectors?
Another question is: Can Windows mark these sectors and stop using them? - Because,
what if Windows 10 will try to install and some of these data will store on these bad sectors.

Hope you understand and thanks for response.
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Hi Marta,
try running a chkdsk as this will if possible repair the damage. Use the guide posted and do make sure you tick both boxes to search for and repair broken sectors:
The How-To Geek Guide to Using Check Disk in Windows 7, 8, or 10

Once it's repaired then as long as your compatible upgrading should be fine.


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I'll send you the results (log) when it's done.


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I tested just C (System) partition. I used translator to translate from Czech language to English language.
This is my results:
407896063 KB total disk space.
60445456 KB of 122,954 sets.
78716 KB in 29248 registers.
4KB in bad sectors
512 803 kB used systems
65536 KB occupied by the log file .
346859084 KB of disk space is freed.

4096 bytes in each allocation unit
101974015 allocation units total disk
86714771 allocation of free units
In the log is also this:
Windows has checked the file system and found no

HD Tune:

What I have to do now?
And what about marking sectors bad and unusable? :)
Thanks for your time..


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Did you tick both boxes to search for and repair broken sectors when you ran the scan?

To be honest though even if chkdsk manages to repair the sector you still need to think about replacing the drive soon.

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Yes, I did. I will try to launch chkdsk from command line or try software like HDD Regenerator.
But, as I said my HDD is still running with bad sectors for 3 years, so I will still use this HDD until it stops working.
And what about marking sectors bad and unusable and then try to install Windows 10?


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I'm not sure you can mark sectors as bad or avoid them. If your installation works ok then I'd stick with it.

I would not recommend upgrading.

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