Windows 8 UPGRADE


Noob Whisperer
Has anyone attempted an upgrade yet?
First attempt
"Windows installation was not successful."
"Your previous version of windows is being restored."
"Do not restart your computer during this time."
Setup Error Log in C:\Windows\Panther folder blank

Second attempt using the Setup.exe file from the sources folder. Behaves more like a 7 install. No fish.
"Windows installation encounterd an unexpected error."
"Verify that the installation sources are accessible and restart installation"
Error Code: 0xC0000005

Just wondering if anyone else has had a run at an upgrade install and how they fared?
Thanks Mitch.
That's what I wanted to know.
I have tried three times and failed three times.
with the errors noted above.
But yet a custom clean install works flawlessly every time. Same exact hardware and exact same 64bit install files resource on a 16Gig Thumb Drive.
So I can only assume that it is having some issue moving over some system settings, profile settings, or perhaps some application. Perhaps I'm asking and hoping for too much, as I'm attempting to upgrade my Main PC that I use everyday. It has a lot of programs installed and multiple profiles, etc.,
The upgrade seems to complete but on what I would presume is the final reboot, instead of a log on screen or the Window shade, I get that error.
Thanks Clark, going to give it another go tomorrow. A little late and a lot frustrated right now.
I'm not giving up till I figure out what is preventing the upgrade from completing successfully. It's just a bit time consuming, cloning my Windows 7 drive takes a while and then the upgrade is considerably longer than a typical clean custom install.
So tomorrow is another day. One of the nice things about being retired.