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Hi, i currently have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit & i want to upgrade it to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit & i see the upgrade option when i boot from the cd but what i want to know is this, will i lose all my files that is in my user folder, my docs, roaming & desktop or will it just upgrade the OS files only & leave everything intact?

I don't mind doing a full install if it would be better but i really hate having to install everything again & my settings/wallpapers/themes n so on.



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The upgrade should not affect any user files but you should always back up any important data before making any major system changes (including upgrades).


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Yeah i was planning to do a backup, i was just wanting to know if it was better to fresh install if a upgrade was going to remove my settings & files anyways, but thats for that & now i can do my upgrade to ultimate :D


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When going from one Win 7 to another, assuming same bit number, you need to use the Windows Anytime upgrade. It was not designed to be able to install a DVD upgrade version over an installed version.

If you do not want to do any Anytime upgrade, then as long as you have a key, you will probably need to do a clean install.

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