Windows 7 Upgrading from 7000 to 7057


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I recently tried upgrading to the most recent build but ran into an issue. I've downloaded the ISO and verified it burnt properly a few times but it still doesn't seem to work. What happens is that if I boot from the DVD and choose the upgrade option it tells me I need to be in Windows to do it. The problem I have there is that when I run the Setup.exe it tells me that it can't find autorun.dll. I'm not sure if it's even possible to do a simple upgrade to 7057 without a complete reinstall but I wanted to find out what I could be doing wrong.
You don't have to burn it, you can just mount it and install that way, once windows 7 unpacks all the data and copies it, ithe DVD is no longer needed.
I upgraded yesterday and worked like a charm.
So that seems odd.

I only started setup.exe from within b7000