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I have an SSD which currently has Linux installed on it, and is, I believe, formatted to ext4. I'd like to use this SSD in another computer and clone Windows 7 to it. Do I need to wipe and reformat the SSD, or can I just use it as it is?


Hi saboc! Not real sure I'm understanding your question. You have a SSD with Linux on it??
You want to use this in another PC?? - N/P
You want to clone a PC with W7 to the SSD-N/P
You want to use this clone in another PC- Big problem.
You want to use that clone on the same PC- N/P
You may get more replies from other members latter! If I did not answer your question, could you be a little more specific about what you're trying to do!;):)


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You can have windows partitions and Linux ext4 on the same drive... windows can see linux drives but can't open or read them.
The important part is what format the overall drive is set to and modern systems w8, w8.1 and wx use a different format to older systems w7 and below.
  • what system is this other computer running?


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My understanding is all you want to do is move the disk to another computer and then copy a Window 7 disk image (clone) to it. This shouldn't be a problem. Most cloning programs contain the MBR/GPT partition table in it and it will simply override the Linux partition table so no yo shouldn't need to format it.

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