Windows 7 URGENT Need of Assistance


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Just installed Windows 7 RC x64 and Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate. Using Express Scribe for transcription. Previously on Windows Vista x64 using Microsoft Office Enterprise and Express Scribe.

Before "hot keys" in Express Scribe, (F7, F10) to stop and start the audio were global and would take precedent over Word when pressed. Now, when the "hot keys" are pressed they operate the Word hot keys, to save the file and so forth.

I now have Office 2007 Ultimate SP2 and still the same thing. I cannot find where to disable hot keys in Word, if that would even fix it.

Any thought and suggestions much appreciated. Many thanks.
From what I've read i previous posts, it seems that updates from Microsoft Update for the Office suite is causing problems.

Do you recall if this happened after any Windows Updates?

Maybe someone else may know if that issue has been resolved as I don't use Office.:)