USB Device not compatible with USB 3.0 whilst in an USB 2.0 port

Since a couple of days ago, my PS3 controller, which used to work just fine, decided to stop working with my PC. My computer does detect the device; I hear a sound when I plug it in and if I go to devices and printers in the control panel it's there. But if I go to device manager, I can't seem to find it, even when I click the "Show hidden devices" button. If I use the "Solve problems" in the control menu, it says the device is not compatible with USB 3.0, even though the device is in an USB 2.0 port.


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Sounds like a driver conflict… have you changed software or updated something?

Well, I used to use MotionInjoy's DS3 Tool, but that stopped working. After that I deïnstalled the drivers, and installed tried to use it without the DS3 Tool. But after I had deleted the drivers and the DS3 Tool, I wasn't able to find the controllers in the device mangers.


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MotionInjoy's DS3 Tool
This set is not for non-latency legacy systems i.e. windows xp, vista and 7 is the only support... you could try to email the guy but it looks to me as if he just stopped.

Option 1, get a new windows 8 ps3 device.
Option 2, install windows 7 on vmplayer (or workstation) and play your games on that... your old ps3c will be happy again.
+ vmplayer = free (the full version is workstation) and you can use your 8.1 system when not playing the games.
- hyper-v comes free with 8.1 and vmware doesn't play nice with it so you can't have hyper-v & vmware on the same boot.

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So, that basically means I can't use my current PS3 controller on this PC ever again?

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