USB mass storage driver


On boot up win 7 tells me its installing USB mass storage driver. This always fails. When I look in the device manager there are no errors highlighted. There is three mass storage devices all say they are working normally. Any ideas how I can get rid of this ?



Do you have USB external drives connected when booting up? Sometimes that will cause the issue.

In Device Manager, does the driver show a generic Windows 7 driver or a specific Intel or AMD driver?

Give us a little more info please. Perhaps we can get this sorted out for you.

Yes I have tried booting up with no external drives connected but the driver still tries to install

In the motherboard's BIOS do you have the "Enable USB Storage" enabled? Which computer or motherboard model do you have since you haven't filled in the specs under your avatar?


I have a intel (R) core (TM)2 QUAD CPU @ 2.4 GHz

Motherboard is ASUS TeK Comuter INC P5N-E SLI XX

Bios is Phoenix Technologies LTD Phoenix-Award BIOSv6.00PG

and as far as I can see enable mass storage is enabled in the BIOS

and as I said everything seems to be working its just this USB mass storage driver wants to install on every boot



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