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Has anyone had success getting USB MIDI cable's (or other USB MIDI gear) to work on Windows 7? I have a M-Audio USB Midisport and I can't get it working at all. The generic Yamaha drivers don't work and M-audio is still trying to get BETA drivers out for Windows 7 (x86 and 64).

Has anyone looked into this or know anything about the state of MIDI support in Windows 7?

I have had this same exact problem with both of my Yamaha keyboards. They both worked fine on Vista but as soon as I changed to Win 7 64 bit I can't get them to work. There is some kind of USB/MIDI bug in Win 7. My apps recognize my keyboards but there is no data transmitted in either direction.

Im having the same trouble any body found a way to connnect midi out. I'm trying to connect my mixer to my pc that is running win 7 64bit. and it's funny when i had my mac it work like a champ. Mane If i can get my hands on the person that got me for my mac pro. mane

I actually solved the problem by listening to someone else on the net. I uninstalled the entire USB Hub and my USB/MIDI Drivers for my synths. I then restarted. The system reinstalled the USB Hub automatically (have the chipset drivers handy just in case the system doesn't install them and you have to do it manually). I plugged my first synth in the USB port, turned it on and installed the drivers. Voir la!!! Everything in working order.

I did this without success on my laptop. I can however still use a USB-MIDI cable on my pc running Windows XP 64 bit, though not without hitches. I occasionally get the midi controller suddenly transmitting on a different channel and the "first note" changes too. I could not yet solve my laptop issue.

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This morning I installed my Midi setup with my 3 keyboard instrument on the Win 7 computer. Everything worked directly, but I have a delay from a half second between pressing a note and hearing it.
I,m using a ESI midi interface. My computer is a Medion with a quad core AMD 2,6 Ghz processor, a Realtek high definition soundcard.
I hope someone has a solution for me.

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