USB unrecognized on windows 8.1


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So far this is the only site that they can not access. I have tried numerous sites just to check. Malwarebytes claims that they are clear. The Operating System is Windows 8.1

I made restore disks when we first bought the laptops. I have not used them though.
Hi Terry! Don't mean to be grumpy, but I need for you to answer my questions. If you have the discs and want to restore to factory, that's fine
Please let me know what you want to do.

Hi Terry! I have no idea why this is the only site that you can't access. It could be a forum rule. I really don't know??
If that is your only problem, no need for the restore discs at this time!


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I am sorry, I do not take it as you being grumpy, I just was not clear. I do not have any factory restore disks, only the restore disk that I made when I first set up the computer. At this time I will discuss it with the girls. I know that they have a lot things that they will want to save from their files. The one with the usb problem will most likely not have that option. What I may do is just format their drives and update to Windows 10. They have resisted this so far. They will be getting home shortly and I will discuss it with them Thank you very much for your help.


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try running Ccleaner or pressing ctrl +F5 to clear the cookie.

Hi Terry! You are very welcome. Sounds like a good plan! @kemicals suggestion could clear up the issue with logging on to this forum!!
Good luck! Post back and up date us on how things go!


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I just wanted to let you know, I did a System Restore back to an earlier time this month. That solved the USB problem. I still cannot access this site with either of those laptops (baffled). I know that the System Restore is simply a stop-gap fix since I did not find out what caused the problem. Anyway it will give us a little more time to decide what to do from here. I really do appreciate your help, thank you.

That's great to hear ! It's amazing how many things can be fixed with a simple restart or a restore back to a earlier time.
You might try resetting the browser or even try a different browser. I wouldn't worry to much about what caused the USB issue. Just be happy they work
Thanks for the up date!;):up:
It's my nap time!:rofl:


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No matter how I try to reach this forum I get "This Page Can Not Be Displayed".
fyi thats normal for a 8.1 system using internet explorer... you could install Firefox and use that to get to


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Hi Terry,
Jumping in here. BTW glad you got the USB problem fixed! :up:

On the issue with not being able to get to our forum from 2 different computers. I've seen this before on both my home network and on Client's network. If you are using a wifi router to connect your 2 computers to your broadband Internet provider (Cox, Charter, AT&T, Comcast, etc.), you may need to connect into it using a hardwired PC or laptop via an Ethernet cable and go into the Admin settings. Make sure that you don't have the Blacklist option selected. If so, disable it temporarily. Reboot the router from the Admin utility and try connecting to our forum via any installed browser on either computer (IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.). If that still doesn't solve the problem, you may have gotten a virus in your wifi router!:eek: Those exist, I've seen them and even have a few saved in my virus quarantine bag. :)

Most people are not aware of these; they usually infect business or corporate networks where I worked for 30+ years in IT. Every once in awhile though, they do get loose on home networks. The morphology vector (source of infection) is that if your daughters used their computers in the University or logged into a work network, they can catch these quite readily. Once they bring their laptop or smartphone into your home and connect to the Internet with the infected Mobile Device, the virus gets onto the router and hides a copy of the virus in the router. Every subsequent computer logging into that infected wifi router will then be immediately infected over your home wireless LAN! This also includes any neighbors who you are letting surf on your dime for a free Internet ride. (you may want to tell them their computers are now infected also!).

As to how to repair, there are 2 common and easy solutions. The first fix is to find the RESET button on the back, front, or bottom of your wifi router (download manual from router manufacturer website; i.e.: Cisco/Linksys, Netgear, etc. if needed to locate the button). Then use a pen (not a pencil!) or a paper clip and hold the reset button down while removing the AC power cord from the wifi router. Continue holding the reset button down or in and then plug the AC power cord back into your router---IMPORTANT--continue holding that reset button for a minimum of 3 minutes. This will do what we call a "FACTORY RESET" of your wifi router and clear any and all settings and stuff that wasn't there when you first bought the router and opened it from it's factory package. The Factory Reset will almost always remove the virus from your router, and you can then proceed to rescanning your other connected computers (both wired and wireless) to be sure that any detected viruses are gone. Retest your browser(s) and attempt to connect back to our forum. 99% of the time this will solve your problem:fdance:; as long as you have done Windows resets or Windows reinstallations from factory Recovery Media on all other connected computers.

The above 2 solutions may require quite a bit of work on your part; probably a week or two. Especially if you have more than the 2 computers your daughters have on your home network connecting in to your wifi router. Of course, prior to doing the resets on each of the computers in your network, you must make sure to BACKUP ALL PERSONAL DATA ON EACH CONNECTED COMPUTER TO EXTERNAL MEDIA!! It's very important to wipe or erase the hard drive on EVERY computer on your network if you have contracted a router virus. Logically that only makes sense, as if you don't, and you have even 1 computer connected to the network that still has a copy of the router virus on it, as soon as you factory reset the router, that infected computer will reinfect your router and you'll have to start all over again!!!

Hope that helps.
Best of luck,:encouragement:

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