Use a BitLocker protected device on an non-W7 system

Hello people, I want to know something about the BitLocker protection system:

If I use it to protect my USB pendrive, how can I use it on a Windows XP system for example? How it'll ask me the password?

I want to lock my pendrive because I have important data on it and my school computer has lots of viruses and some people might want to get my pendrive and see what's in there.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello, welcome to Windows 7 Forums :)

Unfortunately, there's no way to make Bitlocker compatible with Windows XP (it was a feature first integrated with Vista).
There is thousands of alternative applications which have cross OS compatibility..
For basic password drive encryption, I have used this app Download Perfect Lock Beta Free - Keep your personal data into password protected drive - Softpedia
and can confirm it "gets the job done" and is compatible with all version of Windows.

[langtitle=pt]Re: Use a BitLocker protected device on an non-W7 system[/langtitle]

[lang=pt][QUOTE = Mitchell_A; 180342] Olá, bem-vindo ao Windows 7 Fóruns:) Infelizmente, não há nenhuma maneira de fazer Bitlocker compatível com o Windows XP (que era um primeiro recurso integrado com o Vista) compatibilidade. Há milhares de alternativas de aplicações que OS cruz se .. Para criptografia de senha da unidade de base, eu usei este app] [url = Download Perfect Lock Beta Livre - Mantenha os seus dados pessoais em senha unidade protegida - Softpedia [/ url] e pode confirmá-lo "começa o trabalho feito" e é compatível com todas as versões do Windows]. [/ QUOTE

Thanks for the reply. I'll try this software.[/lang]


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Re: [langtitle=pt]Re: Use a BitLocker protected device on an non-W7 system[/langtitle]

No problem, please post back with your results.:)

Nice to see someone my age on the forum, too .

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