Windows 10 Use Quick Assist To Remotely Help Even on Windows Home

I saw a tutorial about PSR and it is great for people that don't want you to access their PC, but sometimes you just have to take control of it. It used to be that you needed Remote Desktop and Pro versions of Windows. Then, you could use TeamViewer.

But now, Microsoft has quietly added a neat utility to remotely log into another person's PC. No need to configure Remote Desktop plus it's available on Windows Home as well.

Instead of a user ID and password like TeamViewer, all you need to do is give the person that is helping you the code and your system will find theirs.

Here's a video that demonstrates its use.

not all builds of wx have this app so it is limited... nice vid with clear sound and good examples
Yeah, Norway, I was just noticing that. I tried it with my W10 test machine (v1607, b14393.107) as the give assistance machine, and my W10 desktop PC (Dell Studio540) as the get assistance machine. Doesn't work!:( So, you need to have a WX that is AU (v1607) or later apparently.:rolleyes: Nevertheless, that's a cool feature.:fdance: Makes it almost worthwhile to do Clean Install 2 PCs to play with it.:andwhat: We can also share that as a selling point to Customers to move from an older Windows (XP-W8x) version but they'll have to check that the new PC/laptop/tablet they buy doesn't have the pre-AU version installed on it when they buy it, otherwise they are looking at a Clean Install of WX to get a machine that will work with this feature. :headache:

I'm looking forward to trying out it as soon as I can get a 2nd machine with W10 AU working.

Yes, it is limited to a minimum build of Anniversary edition. Not sure if it is 'limited'. As of August 24, 16 1/2 million users had upgraded to Anniversary. I think I read they will have it rolled out to everyone by end of November. Except those who try and block it.

So, if you are in the position of trying to help someone remotely you don't have to go through the steps of finding out if they have Pro or not and then configuring Remote Desktop. Nor have to guide them through installing TeamViewer and running it. One command and BAM they are waiting for your help.

And I know is that it works very well. I'm an old guy but I'm the support for a bunch of even older people including my wife's parents (85+) on Windows 10 Anniversary and Windows 10 Phones. I sure find this a lot better than driving 30 miles to help.