User Accounts page loading at start-up


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I am finding that the User Accounts page (Make changes to your user account) often loads just after start-up. I can just close it but why should this be happening and can I stop it? Would welcome any advice on this. I am running Home Premium version of Win7. Thanks.


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I haven't heard this one before. If it is starting, maybe it needs something done. Are you using a password for your account?

If that isn't the reason, maybe if you check msconfig.exe and look in the startup tab, something might show up.

If nothing there, look in the Startup folder on the Start menu.


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Thanks Saltgrass. I do use a password. It doesn't happen every time but I will have a look at the start-up configuration.


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I've checked msconfig and startup but can't find any reason for the User Accounts page to open. It's more of a nuisance than a real problem and perhaps a future windows update will cure it. I may try switching off the password for a while as I'm the only person with access to this computer.

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