Windows 7 Using Windows 7 VPN to connect to Cisco PIX


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Jun 2, 2009
On finding that Windows 7 has a built in VPN client, I've been trying to get it to connect to our Cisco PIX. However, so far no luck. Our Cisco VPN client will not operate on Vista or Windows 7. The tunnelling protocol is IPSec/UDP. I am not a networking expert by a long shot. I just thought that I could use the settings we have on our Cisco VPN client. So far no luck.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot. :)

I couldn't get the Windows 7 VPN to work, either. However, I used the latest (still old) version of Cisco VPN we had at work,, and it installed just fine on W7 (32-bit RC). I used the same parameters I was plugging in to W7 VPN and where that one didn't work, it worked good as gold with Cisco. I'm able to RDP into my workstation at work just like I was doing on my old XP box.

I read that Cicsco VPN wasn't supported under W7, but this is not true, well, maybe for the 64bit version, but the 32 bit version works just fine and installs easy as pie.
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