Video card issue (not enough resorces)

Hi All
Haveing problems with geting my second vc working.device manager says not enough resorses for the second card but xp has no problem Running every thing and in sli.HELP!!
Athlon 64x2 3800+
two nvidia 7600gs's
3g ddr2 800
gigabyte m59-sli s4
wd 320g hdd
windows 7 build 7100
latest drivers for everything. Exept for this i have had no problem with rc at all.


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Although this is not the answer you'd like to hear, there was a exact posting with an SLI board.

When the OP removed the second card that resolved the problem.

yeah was hoping you'd have a hack for me!!
Cant have it all i guess.I would realy love to use the second card i sli but iguess i'll have to wait i dond sopose new drivers are going to help any way as the prob is os not drivers.


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Sorry, but I only have one graphics card.

I would be easier for me to diagnose if I did have two cards.

I would have to say this problem will be fixed by the time Windows 7 final is released as more and more people are going with the SLI board.

Hmm hope so as i fove the os but i just cant believe its haveing a problem with asigning resources last time i encounterd a resources issue with windows was win me. any way thanx for your thaughts mate.


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You're welcome,

I wish I could have helped further.


ok got the bastard f6 bios update did the trick no probs at all:D


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Thanks for posting back with problem solved also:)

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