Video compatibility for Intel 852GM/852GME/855GM/855GME

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    A half working solution

    Hello to all and sorry for my terrible english :s
    I have managed to install the driver on my ibm x40 with full res and 3d acceleration in win 7 rc

    *I dont know if it has a connection but i first installed the "test update" before doing this.

    first open cmd and type "bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS " then go to step 1
    1) download the newer and the zipped xp driver from intel site, than unzip them(dont install yet)
    2) download the exported vista drivers

    3)Lets start:
    first and very important!!! is to put the vista driver location in the preconfigure driver folder to do it---enter to the device manager and press to update the driver then press the browse button and press search even that the win will tell you that you have newer one (dont skip this step). then update the driver agin but press in the "let me pick a list of device driver" button and install the vista one then restart as required but choose safe mode in the same restart.

    5) repeat step 3 until you get the part of "let me pick a list of device driver" choose the xp drivers then right after they got installed just restart in normal mode and wait 2 minutes (dont panic if the drivers is being installed they will work without restart) and enjoy full res and full acceleration.
    *you will notice that the device manager have two drivers one working and the second one with triangle from some reason it is the external monitor device..
    (in this step is very important to not install the xp driver by browsing the computer and searching only by pressing "have disk" like in step 3)

    * the vista drivers will install agin after the restart (after the safemode) so dont panic they will work without restart agin ---> you can check in dxdiag.. so dont restart because if you do so you will need to repeat steps 4-5(the bsod :( )
    also, some times the two devices work without the yellow triangle but sometimes as I wrote one device,the device of the external monitor
    is yellow(code 43) I just couldent figure out why sometimes they both work and sometime just one but allways the "important" work
    and you can use your laptop normaly.

    The googd news: all app will work as they worked in xp or vista no system freezes at all, Evryting Perfect!
    but of course there is bad news..

    the bad: sometimes one of the devices is showen with yellow triangle luckly allways it is the external display so you wont be able to connect your laptop to other display (at least for me) but you can use him normally.

    The worst news you will have to repet steps 4-5 each time you turn on the pc but can be usefull to play an old game or an app that require 3d acceleration

    In those pictures the both drivers worked after restart so I could chose my monitor but as I said some times I have only one monitor if
    one driver has the yellow triangle..

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    hope it help someone at least the ibm x40 users
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    Okay, I was following all kinds of different methods and couldn't get it to boot without external LCD until I figured out step 2 of my method. Maybe disabling the startup animation will solve the BSOD for anyone else.

    1. Open Command prompt and enter these two lines
    bcdedit /set nointegritychecks ON
    bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    2. Open up msconfig and go to the boot tab and disable the startup animation by ticking the "OS boot information" box

    3. Install the vista exported driver through the "have disk" add new hardware screen in device manager

    4. Reboot

    5. Now the video driver should be isntalled but not working with a yellow ! next to it. Go to device manager and then do update driver manually and use the XP drivers.

    6. Reboot

    7. Go to device manager and scan new hardware changes. Hit yes if it asks to change anything.

    thats it
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    this worked for my 700m

    I have a Dell 700m with a 855 chipset and this worked for me to get my 1280x800 resolution (it is quite lovely in Win7)
    I kept getting BSODs whenever I tried the XP driver or the Vista imported driver. However this worked fine for me.

    The key part is Step 2. For some reason disabling the boot up logo got rid of my BSODs. Thanks a ton man.
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    Thanks, Mike and Arthur Dent. Had to be VERY persistent on this one, but I got it to work on my Dell Lat D410. After at least 10 attempts that didn't work, I finally did a scan for new hardware over and over and over (maybe 4 times) while still in Safe Mode. Then the driver finally stuck. Thanks again.
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    Detailed solution for 855GM chipset Video problem

    1. Go to and log in or set up your own account and enter the express service code of your computer.
    2. Once you’re in the account, scroll down until you see the My Systems & Peripherals (it will have a little bell ringer next to it)…click on My Systems & Peripherals
    3. Scroll down until you see your computer listed…click on the blue service tag number for you 700m
    4. Once that page launches look to the left of the page and click on Drivers Home…that will take you to a configuration page…Windows XP will already be selected as the operating system, next to category select Video…this will open up three drivers…the one you want is Extreme Graphics 855 GM. Select that file and download it. It will be a zip file and should unzip in C:\Dell\Drivers. The file you want is R105909…remember that number.
    4. Go to the Start Icon (Windows Logo in lower left) and in the command line (the box that says search programs and files) enter CMD…in the top of the window you’ll see the command prompt. Right click on this command prompt and select Run as Administrator. This will open the command prompt window…give your permission to proceed.
    5. Enter these two lines one at a time
    bcdedit /set nointegritychecks ON
    bcdedit /set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

    (note that there is a space between bcdedit and /set etc… if you’ve entered the lines correctly, you’ll get confirmation that the commands have been accepted.) Close the command window by clicking the red x upper right corner.
    6. Go back to the Start menu and type msconfig in the command line. Go to the boot tab and put a tick in the "OS boot information" box. Close msconfig.
    7. Go to Device Manager. Click on the Video Controller icon and use the browse to command to install the video driver in the folder where it is installed.
    8. Restart the computer. You may get a black screen on restart…if so, give it a few minutes and then hard reboot. You want to start in safe mode so hit F8 several times to insure you get that that option…select startup in safe mode with networking.
    9. In safe mode go to device manager and then do update driver manually…once again…(this time the yellow exclamation point may be next to the display adapter)….DO NOT REBOOT YET!
    10. After the reinstall click the Actions tab at the top of the Device Manager and select Scan for New Hardware….select yes if it wants permission to make changes…
    11. Reboot


    --You'll still have the yellow ! next to the Video controller in the device manager...if you try to remove it you'll probably have to go through this installation process again...
    --I haven't tried unchecking the tick mark in MSCONFIG...

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