Windows 7 Video driver for Dell Latitude D610


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I've tried many different beta builds of Windows 7 on my Dell Latitude D610 including and up to build 7229, but they all have the same problem. Everything works great except for the video driver that is downloaded through Windows Update.

The video card driver that is downloaded through Windows Udate is the "Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family". Once the driver is installed, and the laptop restarted, everything looks great at the native 1400x1050 resolution until I click on the Start button or fire up IE8. Then the entire screen washes out I can't read anything. It's hard to explain, but basically it looks like the contrast and brightness is turned all the way up and makes the laptop unusuable.

I tried downloading the drivers from Dell's website, but they are for WinXP only and I didn't have any luck installing them. I also tried going to Intel's website and looking for a Win7 beta driver for my video chipset but didn't find any. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and if they have a solution.

I installed windows 7 on Dell Latitude E6500, which display 1280x800 by default.
If I try to change to 1024x768 it resizes the screen resolution with black parts unused on left and right.

What should I do in order to display 1024x768 that fits the entire screen?

Thanks in advance.
You can go to Intel's website and check for beta drivers there.
I doubt they will release a driver for the 915/910, those are pretty old, they didn't for vista, so probably wont for 7.

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Remove the current Drivers - then install the xp Drivers you found in compatibility for Xp SP2 and as administrator. Best i can think of if you don't get Better/ Newer drivers.
Hi Todd

This link no longer works but I would really like to get my hands on that driver
as I had exactly the same issue with the Windows 7 RC on my D610.

At the moment I have no incentive to go and buy a copy of 7 but this might tip the

If you still have a copy of the driver or a working link could you pleas post it?



Check out this link: Windows 7 Video Drivers |
Solved my issue with the screen going basically white whenever undocking my D610.

Hope this helps,
Its is for windows vista not for 7, it does not work in 7.
My above link is for windows 7, i dont know whether it works in vista or not.