Can't connect wireless Dell Latitude D600

Dan Thomas

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We have come across an old Latitude D600. We installed XP and can't get any wireless activity.

The F2 button has a wireless symbol, but nothing seems to happen when I press Fn-F2. I know the F2 button functions.

We do not have the original installation disk. What can I try? Do I need a driver of some sort?

If so, can you tell me how? I downloaded a driver from Dell that seemed like it might be correct. When I clicked on the .exe, it tried to create a new folder, but couldn't. Probably a permissions problem.



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If you can still read the Service Tag Number then go here
Enter that number and download whatever drivers for XP might be available.
You'll likely need most of the drivers especially any BIOS updates, Chipset Drivers, etc., as those additional drivers will support the bus architecture that lets the various hardware bits interface with each other and the Operating System.