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    I installed the Windows 7 RC as a fresh install.
    I also used the beta version and upgraded it 4 times.

    Everything was installed and worked, but now i have a problem with virtual pc.

    I installed the XP mode to try it, but my laptop doesn't have hardware virtualisation, so the XP mode doesn't work.
    Before i installed the XP mode, virtual pc was working as normally, but when it was installed, virtual pc didn't work anymore.

    Now i removed both, the XP mode and virtual pc 2007.

    Now i get this error even before the install

    I already tryed to disable the program compatibility assistant using group policy, but that didn't work.
    There are also for some reason no restore points from before installing the XP mode:


    How can i install and use virtual pc again without doing a reinstall??

    Problem is solved!

    You also need to uninstall the update.
    This is not listed in the programs, but at the installed update view.
    I remove the update and now i can use virtual pc again.
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