Vista dissapeared after installing 7

Hi all,
This is my frist post.

I had 2 OS (windows XP and Vista) each on different partition. I installed windows 7 accidently :eek: on the same partition that has the Vista OS. Now when I boot my PC I cannot see the Vista OS "It shows only (XP & 7) :frown:.
If there is any way to have my Vista back, please tell me
your help is highly appreciated :eek:.


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did you install W7 over or in the same place as vista?


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Hi monster,
so are you saying that you installed 7 over the top of vista? You might have to create a new partition to re-install vista to..
Aplogies if I've misread your post..

Dear gaz & kemical
Thank you for your help

- windows XP in partitiont D
- windows Vista in Partition C

while I was running the XP OS I used the windows 7 upgrade CD and installed 7 in partition C.


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Hi Monster,
thanks for updating..
If you want to run vista then you'll need to create another partition and install it into there.. The other one is lost although when you installed 7 if you used the 'upgrade' method then you might be able to get into the windows.old file and see whats there...

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Hi Kemical,

Thank you very much for your support.

Now, If I re-install Vista in another partition, will I be able to run the programs (for example the Office 2007 ) which were in the previous Vista?
If no, is there any way to access my programs without need to re-install everything?


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Hi monster,
I would imagine that you'll have to re-install stuff like that.. Like I said above though, if you check your 7 partition you should be able to find the windows.old file (which will be your vista installation) as you did say that you had upgraded rather than did a clean install... This might contain some stuff you can salvage but until you look I'm not sure what..

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