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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by mramazing, Aug 16, 2008.

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    ok i have an asus p4p800s-x motherboard. i updated the bios bought 2 1gb sticks of ram. my cpu is a p4 2.8ghz dual core processor with hyper threading got a new video card an ati saphire x1650 pro agp 512mb video card cause i thought upgrading my pc from 512mb of ram and a 128mb ati radeon 9200 would stop these blue screen erros from popping up so i downgraded from vista to xp with my drive formatted and xp seemed to run with no problem so i re upgrade to vista and got a memory_management blue screen error during installation. which now it seems to install fine right now. it just bugggs me i do all this upgrading and still get blue screen errors on vista before downgradeing to xp. so im hoping formatting my drive and reinstalling vista will work. if not i dont know what is causing the blue screen when my pc is full of new hardware. aside from the cpu which i had in there for a awhile now.

    i jus got a less than equal blue screen and theres this wiritng somekind of boot ini before windows starts its real quick but it has somethin to do with the boot ini i guess.
    im starting to think my pc dont like 2gb of ram its the max it can take but when i take one out it works better. anyone know why that would be?
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    Usually that particular blue screen can be attributed to graphic drivers. Try downloading the latest version. You'll find a link in the multimedia section of the forum...:)

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