vnc blocked by spyhunter

I installled spyhunter and i cant use vnc to this computer.... seems
spyhunter blocks vnc. HOw can that be fixed?

I unintstalled spyhunter but i can still not vnc TO the computer only
from it,,
Any ideas?

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  • Vnc stands for virtual network control and there are at least 20 different programs that fit into this category… which one have you got?
  • Spyhunter is 3rd party software designed to stop people getting into your Windows 7 controlled network with a mobile phone… imo theres no advantage to having it on a wx machine but that’s beside the point… have you perhaps got a backup image from before installing spyhunter that you can roll back too?
fyi The wrm (windows remote management) WinRM service is disabled by default in windows 10 and you have to turn it back on before you can manage a remote contection.
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Tx, well i changed some settings in McAffe and now it works fine.....

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