W7 Hp 4530s ATI CCC Wont install


I need some help fixing my laptop. It has the switchable graphics feature on it.
I updated my Intel drivers and then tried the ATI ones.

After uninstalling all the drivers and using Driver sweeper, and downloading the drivers from the HP site. Once the file has extracted the setup file will not launch to install the drivers at all.

I have seen a bunch of forums covering the Ati CCC Driver installation and have tried all the fixes with no help.

If anyone can help me with this ?



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That model appears to have options for Integrated (intel) or Discrete (AMD). Do you know which one you have or do you have possibly both? This is probably what you mean by "switchable graphics".

Since I am not familiar with the switchable graphics, can you select which one to use or does the Discrete video just override the onboard?

Thanks for the response. I have both the Intel HD onboard and the AMD Radeon HD 6490M "discrete" Gpu.

The software was working until I updated to the new ones. But atm once i click install on the setup menu for the CCC it just not do anything. No further menu to install the drivers nothing,


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I was trying to determine if you needed to select the AMD graphics prior to installing the driver.

An ATI experienced person would have a better idea, but you may need to get some type of uninstaller for the ATI drivers, or uninstall the graphics controller and select remove all drivers when you do. I realize you uninstalled all drivers with driver sweeper, but maybe you uninstalled too much with that. I have never used it so hard to say, but I suppose the ATI forums you went to would have known the best procedure.

I do see comments about the Catalyst drivers, or the Control Center every now and then. Are you fairly sure the driver file you downloaded was good and does it have both the drivers and the Control Center, if that is how it works?

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