Windows 7 Warcraft 3 stays minimized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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While installing and running Warcraft 3 (I reinstalled several times in an attempt to find a working solution) I had a problem where the game would start and get to the main menu then minimize. After minimizing to the taskbar I could see a blank preview window with a game icon in the center but attempting to go full screen just flashed the game and brought me back to the desktop with the game minimized. I tried (as I mentioned) several reinstalles as well as running the program in compatibility mode set to Windows Vista and XP to no avail.

What finally did work (and the reason I am sending this) is running the program with "Disable Desktop Composition" checked under the compatibility tab. Now the game runs perfectly.
PLEASE fix this in the final release of windows or you will have a lot of angry people!!!:mad:


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Thank you

I had this exact problem, and tried all kinds of things aswell, never thought to try this tho, but it works like a charm.

Amazing what a bit of searching can find you.

Thank you for the post, much appreciated


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different problem

my warcraft 3 has its screen resolution shrinked at both sides.. so the screen has blank portions on both sides.. it doesnt display full screen.. tried fixing the VGA drivers, Warcraft video settings, everything... any idea ????