Web apps in XP mode

I'm trying to run an app that access the web using XP mode and I get this message and the little red ewarning in the taskbar. I have Norton 360 in Windows 7 installed. Do i need to install a virus checker in XP?

I get the message in the bottom corner of screen saying your computer might be at risk (remote).Antivirus software might not be installed.


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Technically, yes.

Anti-Virus installed on the host system will not protect any VM's
You will need to install anti-virus in each VM. A VM (virtual machine) is in essence, running a separate OS on a separate box, it is a second separate PC within a PC, so they are not the same or really connected other than shareing the hardware through virtualization.

That should muddy things up pretty good.

In otherwords,,, think of XP Mode and a completely Separate entity which has no relation what-so-ever to Win7, other than they are sharing the same hardware.

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