Windows 7 Web Camps TV #4 - IE9 Beta Special - Behind the Scenes of the GPUWebMark Demo App


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This week*James Senior speaks to Josh Santangelo from*Stimulant about their shiny new HTML 5 app*built*specifically for today's IE9 Beta launch.*
</br>The app takes data from Seattle's community-based radio station,*KEXP, and visualizes their playlists in cool ways.*As well as being drop-dead-gorgeous, the app shows off some of the new HTML 5 features implemented in IE9 Beta, including Canvas, SVG, Custom Fonts, Video, and more.
</br>Josh also explains what it was like to apply his existing dev skills to developing HTML and JavaScript apps, including*editing jQuery in Visual Studio 2010 with its powerful intellisense/autocomplete features.
</br>Download the new IE9 Beta
</br>Check out the demo app
</br>Learn more about creating cool web apps at a Web Camps Training event near you!


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