Windows 7 Web Camps TV #4 - IE9 Beta Special - Behind the Scenes of the Demo App

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    This week James Senior speaks to Josh Santangelo from Stimulant about their shiny new HTML 5 app built specifically for today's IE9 Beta launch.

    The app takes data from Seattle's community-based radio station, KEXP, and visualizes their playlists in cool ways. As well as being drop-dead-gorgeous, the app shows off some of the new HTML 5 features implemented in IE9 Beta, including Canvas, SVG, Custom Fonts, Video, and more.

    Josh also explains what it was like to apply his existing dev skills to developing HTML and JavaScript apps, including editing jQuery in Visual Studio 2010 with its powerful intellisense/autocomplete features.

    Download the new IE9 Beta

    Check out the demo app

    Learn more about creating cool web apps at a Web Camps Training event near you!

    ** Editors Note - the name of the app changed from GPUWebMark to WebVizBench


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