Weird Live Mail problem?


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Hi Everyone!

I'm getting E-Mail messages that are supposed to have images in them but the images are blank.

I received 4 messages today from the same sender with images and 3 were OK and on one the images didn't show.

He has tried to send the message that didn't work to me 3 times and it always comes through blank even though when I reply he says the images show.

I also received another message from another sender that was a resend of a message they had sent me that was blank and this one was blank as well.

When I tried to reply to it, I could not type into the reply window.
The cursor showed but the type would not appear when I typed, as if it just wouldn't show what was there.

I've had this happen occasionally from another sender as well.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?



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Try this, Mike
Run Windows Live Mail.
Click on Options (Over on the littleBlue icon, top left - I guess you know that)
Click the Safety options. Then security
Clear the box that says “Block images and other external content in HTML email” and , whilst there, click on the "Show images and external..etc"
Click on Apply to save changes.
Restart Win Live mail after.

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