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Okay, so, I have issues dealing with the fact that I have windows 7 installed on a 32 gig Solid State, meaning that I perpetually don't have enough space for anything, but that's not my problem, it just might be related to my problem.

My problem is that I turned off my computer, and it installed updates. While doing so, I unplugged my speakers from my comp and plugged them into another computer so I could watch some TV shows while my main rig did all of its 26 updates, half of which didn't actually install.

Main comp finishes, I unplug speakers, plug them back into main comp, and I no longer have a sound card. Now, technically, I never had a sound card to begin with, just the basic whatever on the motherboard, no extraneous parts involved. And my speakers are fine, they work on other devices, so it's the computer that's having an issue, and I was wondering if, in the process of installing updates, Windows managed to...I don't know...delete my sound card driver?


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Check the settings... Control Panel>>> Sound >>> under Playback tab check if there is anything set as default and try switching it around by right-clicking on it and selecting "Set as Default Device". Normally, if you don't have a sound card, the device is simply named "Speakers" on sound settings.

Yeah, for whatever reason, it's not registering that the speakers are plugged in. Since they work on other computers, I know there's nothing wrong with the speakers, and I'm not sure how unplugging them could have broken the female part of my speaker jack, plus there's like 3 ports and I've tried all of them, the computer doesn't register that anything has been plugged it. Under playback it just says "No audio devices have been installed"


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There seems to be no audio driver installed on your PC. Try to get a generic one.

Where would I go about that? And why would that disappear? By the way, I've been able to use speakers with my PC for the past 5 years with no issues before tonight, so it's not like I just set it up and this happened, so I'm also just kind of curious what happened to my audio driver then.


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I don't wanna make a guess how it happened. But you said you did an update to your PC. So, something happened in between. And clearly, there is no audio driver installed. Go to website and download a driver.

Or, do a system restore and see if your audio will come back.


Cool, thanks.


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I hope you got it sorted out.

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I did, in fact. Thanks for directing me to that site. Looks like whatever updates Windows installed removed my sound driver and all I needed to do was replace it. But folks at Microsoft should be aware of this issue.


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