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Hello, i have unusual issue with Win7 64bit, build new pc with asus p8 z77-v-pro mobo and ssd drive about 6 months ago. last week after windows updates reboot it took me about 20 min to loging to window after entering my password, logging into safe mode is normal. tried restoring to earlier date, running sfc /scannow, malwarebytes, mccafe, combofix - nothing worked so i re-imaged hd and started over, 2nd on new image and the same thing starts to happend, onc i enter password it takes forever to login... bad ssd??


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This is the type of thing you are going to have to track down with trial and error. It might take a while, but first, have you installed anything new, or allow any hardware driver updates?

If you can't think of anything, the next step is probably to use msconfig.exe to eliminate some possible culprits. So open MSconfig and on the general tab, select Diagnostic startup. As it says, it is almost like Safe Mode.

If that works, move to the next one down and pick what you want to try loading.

You could next move to the Services tab, hide all Microsoft services and select Disable All. If it works normally, start adding back in services.

If that doesn't find the culprit, go the the Startup tab and uncheck some items to keep them from starting. This is where the trial part really kicks in. If you are lucky, you might find the one causing a problem.

But more than likely, some driver is having a problem loading, some network device is not being recognized (like a memory card in a printer) or some type of scan is being run.

Let us know if you find anything. There are more advanced programs for tracking stuff down.


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Hello Saltgrass, thanks you for quick replay. i was able to track down the issue using your steps, went to msconfig and disabled all services then i started adding them 2 at a time and rebooting in between. long process but i finally found the culprit - Malwarebytes MBAMService, once that service was disabled everything went back to normal. I've been usung malwarebytes full version for some time now and didnt have the problem so not sure what changed.. Thanks for your help !!


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You might want to uninstall Malwarebytes using Revo Uninstaller to get rid of everything and then reinstall it.

When you reinstall don't use the default directory, put it in a new location.

Windows isn't very smart about recognizing what things are so it will not see the new install as having anything to do with the old one if it's in a different location, and it won't pick up anything from the previous installation.


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